AcadiaSoft partners with tailored consultancy firms to provide guidance to firms addressing the compliance requirements of UMR Phases 5 & 6 – sharing unique experience and expertise earned when supporting all the in-scope firms across Phases 1, 2, 3 & 4.

The Advisory Service 3-Step Methodology


Developing a complete and accurate understanding of every individual client's compliance, business and technology objectives – feeding into comprehensive planning that will enable firms to address the requirements of Uncleared Margin Rules.


Providing consultancy and guidance across the 7 milestones in the timeline towards UMR compliance: including identifying in-scope (Phase 5 or 6), selection of IM methodology and obtaining regulatory approval (if necessary).


Supporting clients as they implement and execute against the UMR strategy, combining expert consultancy with AcadiaSoft's suite of effective technology applications available through the AcadiaSoft platform.

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AcadiaSoft is the industry's one-stop-shop for Uncleared Margin Rules compliance – contact us today for advice on identifying whether your firm is in-scope for Phase 5 or 6, and to learn how our unique Advisory Services and AcadiaSoft Hub applications can reduce your UMR burden.