Navigating Uncleared Margin Rules


Wherever your organisation is on its journey towards Uncleared Margin Rules – for Phase 5 or Phase 6 – AcadiaSoft’s Timeline is a helpful milestone–based checklist of the regulatory requirements. Find out how to calculate your firm's AANA here


AcadiaSoft’s experience earned and lessons learned during our work in Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 enables firms to prepare and plan the allocation of critical resource for their own Uncleared Margin Rules compliance – across people, process and systems.

Advisory Services

AcadiaSoft has gathered the industry’s leading experts on Uncleared Margin Rules, to provide consultancy and advisory services to financial services institutions as they work to meet the requirements of Uncleared Margin Rules.


A collection of highly relevant and insightful thought leadership and explanatory assets, covering every aspect of the Uncleared Margin Rules requirements for firms in-scope for Phases 5 & 6.