Collateral 2020 - New York

Collateral 2020 - New York

Join AcadiaSoft in New York at our client event – Collateral 2020. The event is free to attend and brings together industry practitioners from both the buy and sell-side, as well as a host of panellists to share their knowledge and experience on the margin and collateral industry and current regulatory impact. Our position in the market allows us to provide you with unique insights into the regulations and industry best practice within Collateral Management and Margin Automation. Be part of an interactive and informative event on how we are defining the future of Collateral Management.

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1:00 PM – 1:30 PM           Registration


1:30 PM – 1:45PM            Introduction to Collateral 2020, David Radley

                                         Opening Remarks, Chris Walsh, CEO, AcadiaSoft


1:45 PM – 1:55PM            Welcome Address, TBD, Société Générale


1:55 PM – 2:40 PM           Initial Margin (IM) State of Play

During this Panel, AcadiaSoft and a line-up of industry practitioners will provide insight into the following topics:

  • Update on industry advocacy associated with the IM big bang in 2020, chances for success
  • Summary of how firms in Phase 1, 2 and 3 have approached compliance
  • Unique aspects of IM compliance that IM phase 4 and 5 firms will need to consider

Host:  John Pucciarelli


  • Tara Kruse, ISDA
  • Mark Demo, AcadiaSoft
  • Allen Lewis, BNY Mellon
  • Andrew Baron, Nomura


2:40 PM – 3:25 PM           Strategies for Approaching Your Own Firm’s IM Compliance

Getting started with a plan for IM compliance can be a daunting task.  For this session we will bring together firms who have recently completed the compliance requirements and will share their experiences. What to do first, how toapproach your IM compliance project plan.  Timelines and other considerations

  • Lessons learned from phase 1, 2 and 3 firms
  • Calculating ANNA, Self-Disclosure, and Legal Documentation Readiness
  • Preparations to use SIMM™
  • Custodial Arrangements Tri-Party vs Third Party
  • STP Collateral Settlement Processing and Reporting

Host:  Mark Demo


  • Mary Harris, TriOptima
  • Gareth Jones, DTCC – Euroclear Global Collateral
  • John Pucciarelli, AcadiaSoft
  • Diana Shapiro, Citi


3:25 PM – 3:45 PM           Break


3:45 PM – 4:25 PM           Accelerating IM CSA and Tri-Party Negotiation and/or Amendment and Agreement Activation                                                   ahead of the IM Big Bang

The online IM document negotiation space is becoming quite crowded.  During this panel AcadiaSoft will:

  • Review the current space with market participants,
  • Provide their own view on strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions providers
  • Discuss our approach to agreement management
  • Outline our development roadmap
  • Plans for adding custodial documents on platforms

Host:  Laura Craft, AcadiaSoft


  • Doug Donahue, Linklaters
  • Richard Barton, AcadiaSoft
  • Nitika Goel, JPMorgan
  • David Lucking, Allen & Overy


4:25 PM – 4:45 PM          One Stop IM Compliance Shopping

AcadiaSoft will present a modularized product framework that provides an end-to-end solution for collateral and margin workflow; we will discuss our community-based approach to IM compliance; and finally our Risk Services Suite – One Connection, One Solution

Mark Demo, AcadiaSoft

Scott Fitzpatrick, AcadiaSoft


4:45 PM – 5:15 PM                  Collateral Market Infrastructure in 2025

With current margin automation levels in excess of 50% and online negotiating platforms gaining market attention and focus – what will the next generation collateral management solution look like?  What are the barriers to the next gen solution and how will they be overcome?  Chris Walsh, CEO of AcadiaSoft will lead a discussion with two key industry advocates from the buy and sell side on their vision for the future.

Chris Walsh, AcadiaSoft


5:15 PM – 5: 30 PM                  Closing Remarks, Chris Walsh, CEO, AcadiaSoft


5:30 PM – 7:30 PM                   Showcase & Reception – Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres



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