It is time for total margin automation

Jul 17, 2017

Yes, it may have taken a crisis, tens of thousands of pages of regulations, industry-wide re-engineering of systems and process … but, nonetheless, we are here.  The margin process is on the brink of total automation and AcadiaSoft has formed a new working group focused on making this happen.

Much like our Blazer initiative coordinated the implementation of uncleared margin rules across the industry, our new MAG (margin automation group) has its sights set on eliminating manual activities in the margin process.  Unlike Blazer, the buy side has taken on an active and, for several topics, leading role in driving this change.

To help the industry better understand and get onboard with the MAG objectives, AcadiaSoft has been conducting a number of outreach sessions held as industry get togethers (picture from Boston meeting included in this post) and work sessions.  MAG’s initial priorities include Repos and TBA margining, creating Gross-Gross best practices, automating Interest processing and Tri-Party instruction.

A status update can be found here AcadiaSoft – Margin Automation June 2017.  For any additional information, please reach out to your AcadiaSoft representative or Angelle Trafton (Angelle.Trafton@acadiasoft.com).

Chris Walsh